Meco Motor Start and Run Capacitors

Motor capacitors are used for the start up and running of single-phase induction 2 and 3 windings motors. The CMI4 range is manufactured in a vacuum with a polypropylene film dielectric. It has self healing properties that achieves capacitors with very low losses and reduced overall dimensions. These elements are subsequently encapsulated in plastic case and then incorporated in resin.

Ranges in popular sizes from 1 - 100 uF.

Meco Motor Start Capacitors

The CME series electrolytic capacitors are built by wrapping separate aluminum sheets between them by layers of paper engaged by an electrolyte.
They are normally used in single phase induction motors to increase the value of the starting torque.
They provide an early current to the auxiliary winding of the engine. This start up is only required for a short time. It achieves this by introducing high reactive power.
Once the start-up phase has been completed, the capacitor must be disconnected from the circuit. Electrolytic capacitor are ideal for this application due to the high capacity values and the small physical size of the capacitors.
The capacitors and the caps of this series are made of self-extinguishing thermoplastic V2 material. The CME series can be supplied with single faston, double faston or cable connections.
On request we can supply discharge resistance (15K ÷ 39K), protective covers and fixing brackets.

The CME series is supplied in ranges from 16 to 646 uF.


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