Energy Monitoring

Carlo Gavazzi's range of solutions for energy efficiency includes all the necessary hardware and software components to set-up and operate a system for managing energy performance. Data from meters and sensors, digital and analogue inputs are stored and displayed locally. The data can be transmitted remotely, allowing information from both single and multi-site applications to be managed and aggregated.

The system is based around the VMUC datalogger/web server. It can be used as a stand alone device that can capture data from energy meters, digital and analogue signals or connect to the Em2 server application that can host up to 100 sites. The VMUC is all you require, the software is built into the unit so no annual hosting fees are required.

We can pre-programme the unit for installation with existing meters.

  • Integrated system. The system is a package of integrated modules. The main module includes the web server with a web interface to monitor and set up the system. 
  • Integrated Software. No subscriptions or additional services are required. Fast, easy and free updates. Integrated software updates can be easily downloaded and installed via web interface, without losing data and without additional fees.
  • Communication flexibility. The system transmits data (to CARLO GAVAZZI's or third party systems) via various communication protocols (FTP, HTTP, Modbus TCP/IP).
  • Scalability. The system can be progressively integrated with new modules according to application needs.
  • Fast installation and set-up. The entire system is installed and set up via web interface
  • Reliability. The system is secure against cyber attacks and computer viruses. Data redundancy and backup tools prevent information losses.
  • High monitoring capacity. The system manages up to 100 meters, analog and digital inputs.
  • High recording capacity. The system records data and events for a system for up to 30 years.Compact size. The maximum module package dimension is 8-DIN. Note: max number of energy meters depends on the meter type; check the table "VMU accessory modules and meters".
  • IoT Ready. VMU-C EM is "Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT".

Power Quality/Energy Reports

We can fit a portable power quality analyser to check for any electrical problems including harmonic distortion. The information captured would make sure the tariff and maximum import capacity is correct for the premises. Charges related to capacity are often overlooked and saving can be significant.

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