Power Factor Correction

Energy Monitor Ireland Ltd teams up with TeleGroup, Italy's premier manufacturer of power factor correction systems. We offer turn key solutions or can work with local/site electrician. 

Power Factor correction helps to reduce costs in 2 main ways;

  • Reduce the required capacity (kVA also expressed as MIC)) from the utility, therefore saving in capacity and PSO levy charges.
  • Eliminate any excess Wattless (Reactive) charges.

Recently the PSO levy (public services obligation) has more than doubled, every kVA in MIC now costs €74 per annum for most medium size users. These costs are sometimes hidden in high kWH unit costs.

The best way to see if we can reduce your electrical costs is to send copies of the electrical bill by email to info@energymonitoring.ie or give us call. Return on Investment period can be as low as 9 months. It is worth noting that it is up to you, the consumer, to make sure you are on the correct tariff and have the correct MIC for your building.


For the Panel Builder

We supply stand alone panels, pre-wired racks in standard and bespoke sizes, components and controllers. The offer includes standard and detuned panels with options of Resin or Nitrogen gas filled 3 phase capacitors. Switching options can be either contactors (ABB) or Thyristor. All Panels are supplied with a suitably sized door interlock isolator. We also supplyActive Harmonic Filters, UPS to 15kVA and AC/DC Convertors up to 70A.

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