Ultrasound is considered the first line of defense for finding defects that can lead to asset failure. The first signs of change in the operating condition of an asset are usually indicated in the ultrasound frequencies. Only after the asset has progressed to a more severe stage of deterioration do other asset condition monitoring technologies begin to play a role. For planners and schedulers, having the largest window of opportunity possible to order parts, plan downtime, and allocate labour represents a tremendous advantage. SDT offer different software packages to enhance inspection with data trending and signal analysis.

Mechanical Conditioning: Identify early-stage bearing defects to prevent unplanned failures.

Bearing Lubrication Monitoring: The right amount of lubricant at the right interval

Compressed Air and Gas Leak Detection: Find Air Leaks. Decrease Energy Consumption. Maximize Uptime.

Electrical Fault Detection: Safely Inspect Electrical Systems with Ultrasound.

Steam Trap Testing and Maintenance: Keep Your Steam Clean, Safe And Energy-Efficient.

Valve Condition Monitoring: When your valves are closed, are they really closed?

Tightness Testing: Ultrasonic tightness testing offers a complete, global solution with unheard-of accuracy and reliability.

Ultrasound is one of the three classification of sound :

Besides Infrasound and Audible sound, Ultrasound refers to any sound pressure wave with a repetition frequency greater than 20 kHz. The characteristics of ultrasound, especially around 40 kHz are particularly interesting for inspectors listening for symptoms of assets failure.

Training and support

SDT provides ultrasound solutions that help customers gain a better understanding about the health of their factory. Ultrasound devices help predict failures, control energy costs, and improve product quality while contributing to the overall reliability of their assets. We, at Energy Monitoring Ireland, supply the full SDT range and include on site product specific training.  Certified Level 1 & " 2 can is offered 'in house' at SDT. A certified instructor with specific knowledge of your industry can be organised to walk through and discuss ultrasound applications within your plant and help you develop a condition-based monitoring program. Call today for a site demonstration.

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