The proper approach to energy management is to have a monitoring system that provides high quality data that is easy to interpret. It is advisable to have a historical base line of energy consumption prior to any investment in energy reducing projects, this allows a true comparison between before and after a project is completed. This information can provide moral boosting information for the team, leading to further ideas and reductions. At Energy Monitoring Ireland we can provide monitoring solutions for companies requiring a small amount of electrical meters up to applications where full analysis of all energy consumption is required over multiple sites.

Reduce the charges on the electrical bill with Power Factor Correction

Are you having problems understanding your electrical bill?

Just email  copies to us in complete confidentiality, we will analyse the bill to make sure you are on the correct tariff and will explain how to eliminate any excess charges and reduce Capacity and PSO levy charges. This is a free service.


In addition to energy monitoring we supply goods and services to reduce costs. These include Power Factor Correction products, Thermal Cameras, Air Pressurisation Units (Blower Doors), Airborne Ultrasonic Detectors, Motor Capacitors and Lightning Protection systems. In addition we provide Power Quality Analysis and Power Factor Maintenance services.

Thermal Cameras

Fault find in electrical panels, heat loss in buildings, Human Temperature etc.


Power Factor Correction

Eliminate Wattless charges and reduce PSO levy and Capacity charges in electrical bills.

AirborneUltrasound Detector

Detect compressed air leaks, bearing problems and much more.

Power Quality Analyser

Portable analyser for power quality and energy reports.

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Established in 2008, Energy Monitoring Ireland is a leading supplier in Ireland for energy monitoring systemsand saving devices.


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