PQAN7610 Power Quality analyser.


  • Measure all electrical parameters Vrms, Arms, Harmonics, Flicker, Dip, Swell.
  • Rapid Voltage change, interruption, unbalance, frequency at the same time.
  • Harmonic analysis to 50th order
  • Unbalance in 3 phases.
  • Inrush current
  • Data Storage and screenshot(can be replayed or output to a PC)
  • Waveform real-time display(4 voltages/4 currents)
  • Measurement of TRMS currents up to 3000A (5000 A on request, sensor dependent)
  • Easy to use software, auto populates a word document report with selected parameters.
  • USB and LAN connection.
  • Supplied in a quality case with 4 x flexible CT and 5 x voltage probes with croc. clips
  • Battery backup, 7 hours

CT Flex type 

  • Primary Current Rating: 3000A ,    Output Voltage Ratio: 65mV/1000A
  • Range: 15A~3000A     Accuracy: 1%+position Error
  • Maximum Allowable input: 100KA     Phase Error: Less than 1%
  • Noise: less than 2mVrms(10Hz~10Khz)  Frequency Characteristic: 10Hz~10KHz(-3db)
  • Weight: 130g    Length: 200cm    CT perimeter: 50cm  Position Error: 2%

Power Quality/Energy Reports.

We can send a unit to site ready programmed to be fitted by a suitably qualified person, after the testing period the unit can be sent back. We will download the information and furnish a report with findings. This information is invaluable for checking power quality and sizing the proper maximum import capacity (MIC).

We can also offer a complete fit and remove service. Call today for further information or a quotation.


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